Eda is an ode to life; a collection of bathroom accessories that emanates a profound connection with nature.

Lázaro Rosa-Violán

"The magic of the EDA pieces is in the drawing of their silhouette"

The perfection of its shapes includes a touch that makes each piece a unique object. Together, the accessories breathe a breath of fresh air into their surrounding environment, transmitting peace and well-being. Eda is a vindication of nature; it’s a journey for the senses. From West to East, from South to North, from dawn to dusk…

Lázaro Rosa-Violán Eda

A range that advocates for a return to nature.

EDA has come about thanks to the cooperation be-tween the international Lázaro Rosa-Violán Studio and POMD'OR. The experience and sensitivity of the two companies has been joined together to cre-ate an organically-inspired collection.

Materials and finishes

Accesorios metálicos y de madera que conviven en perfecta armonía. La gama presenta dos acabados posibles metálicos de elevadas prestaciones: cromo y negro mate. Es la primera colección de POMD’OR que incorpora el negro en sus accesorios. Se trata de un recubrimiento electrolítico que aporta un resultado absolutamente uniforme, compacto y duradero con gran resistencia a las rayaduras. Las piezas ofrecen una textura suave y agradable al tacto.

Pomd’or is elegance, mastery and also experimentation. EDA has been the gateway to introduce a new material for the firm: bamboo. This element has expanded the possibilities of a collection that reflects an intimate relationship with nature. The bamboo in EDA is presented in a natural finish and dyed black.




Two accessories that beautify the countertop: a bamboo tissue box and tray in an elegant stained black finish.


Ring towel holder

The image of a perfectly bent stalk is reproduced on the ring towel holder, which seems to follow the swaying of the vegetation on a windy day.


Countertop accessories

Toothbrush holder reminds us of the shape of a bevel cut bamboo trunk. Next to it, the set is completed by a slender soap dispenser, also inspired by plants.


Simply allow yourself to be swept away, and enter a private, nocturnal atmosphere.

Wall hanger

Wall hanger that includes a decorative cut that also helps hold the towels and robes in place. Its profile suggests the silhouette of a branch.


Towel rack

Towels are hung perfectly on a towel rack with a subtle touch on the ends of the bar that suggest plant shapes.


Waste bin

Hand-crafted waste bin, where the natural bamboo strips have been joined together one by one. The combination with the metal base and top ring, in a shiny chrome finish, gives it a sleek design.


Accessories that fill the room with life, amplifying the natural light effect.